Matrix types for Python

The matrix-types package implements simple and intuitive matrix data types for Python. Matrixes are often required to implement various algorithms or store and process two-dimensional data arrays. While this can be (and often is) achieved with built-in data types, such as lists of lists or tuples of tuples, these approaches frequently require a programmatic approach that is aware of the internal structure of the data, and because of the arbitrary lengths of types such as list and tuple they offer little in the way of assurances that their internal structure is (and remains) consistent.

The Matrix and FrozenMatrix types in the matrix-types package implement mutable and immutable matrix data types with an interface modelled closely on Python’s built-in data types, such as list, tuple, and dict – if you know how to use these you probably already know how to use Matrix and FrozenMatrix! The matrix types implemented here are also fully type annotated and support generic types, meaning you can use static type checkers such as mypy to avoid or spot potential issues in your code before they become a problem.

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